12 great reasons to join ARCA FOR ME

Timing and Scoring and Live Points

Get exclusive access to every ARCA on track session, including tests.

Live Streaming Audio

Listen live to live streaming audio from select drivers.

Fantasy Game

Do you think you know who will win?  Prove it with The ARCA Fantasy Game featuring real time scoring for you and all your friends and a chance to win not only bragging rights, but also exclusive ARCA prizes.

Driver Scoring Notifications

Simply subscribe to your favorite drivers to get push notifications sent to your phone or e-mail every time your favorite drivers are on track. No other race series has this, and you'll always know how your drivers or teams are performing.

Subscribeable Website Content  

Any topic on is easily subscribable. Want to know every time anyone or anything is posted about your favorite track. Just subscribe. Want to know any time anything is posted about your favorite driver? Including trash talking? Just subscribe. It’s fun and easy, and another exclusive feature of ARCA FOR ME.

Live Twitter Feeds

With ARCA FOR ME, there is no need to leave to see what your friends, drivers, sponsors, or tracks are saying about the next race. Every ARCA FOR ME member can simply link their Twitter to their profile page and all of the great ARCA content is now in one easy to follow location.


Photos, videos, blogs, forums, and conversation. ARCA FOR ME is THE hub for the ARCA community.

Live Chat

Every time ARCA is on track, ARCA FOR ME live chat is the place for YOUR opinion. It’s always fun, always edgy, and sometimes controversial. ARCA FOR ME Live Chat brings out the best in why we love this sport.

Custom ARCA FOR ME Content

ARCA FOR ME members get content delivered to them in a format that is just for them. Our system not only keeps track of what content you have subscribed to and brings that forward for you, it learns what you like and makes sure you never miss the content that means the most to you.

What You Missed Emails

We get it. Sometimes life gets so busy that you can’t always remember to go to ARCA FOR ME will send you an e-mail telling you what YOU missed. This is not a corporate "one size fits all" newsletter. ARCA for me knows what content you want to see and sends it to you. Each ARCA FOR ME member gets an individual e-mail based on their preferences.


Only ARCA FOR ME members are eligible for ARCA rewards. Get in, get on, and get earning.


ARCA FOR ME members get 20% off on all ARCA Fan Gear.